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Archive Storage

Offsite storage of old documents, files and anything else that needs to be kept for a certain amount of time for company procedures or regulations is becoming more and more of an issue for businesses and small firms around the country, mainly because office space is limited and the cost of renting extra space can too expensive.

With many business records and personal records needing to be kept for a long period of time, businesses are left with  the option of scanning everything and put it onto a disk or storing the original files away until you either need them again or they can be destroyed.

With the transition from paper based documents to computer and disk based files still in progress for many companies, having somewhere to store and archive all the old files and documents is always an issue.

Thornbury Self Storage offer a completely safe and secure environment for your old files, papers and other types of documents that need to be archived.  As we are so competitively priced, we provide a cost-effective, simple alternative to renting expensive extra office space.

For information on sizes that are available for archive storage and rough guidelines on their capacity, click below:

So, if you are considering offsite archive storage then give us a ring or come and see our secure site in Thornbury.


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What our customers say

‚ÄėThornbury Self Storage were both helpful and flexible during my parents recent house move.
They saved us time and inconvenience and were ideal for my elderly parents as it is all on ground level. They could even buy their bubble wrap and tape onsite at competitive prices! We would definitely recommend them!’
Mrs Boxall