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Storage unit clearance

Is it time to tackle that mountain of clutter in your storage unit? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Storage units are like little treasure chests filled with all the things we don't want cluttering up our homes, but also can't seem to part with. But let's face it, there comes a time when we need to bid farewell to our storage units and say hello to a clutter-free life.

Those storage units are like black holes, sucking in all the excess stuff we accumulate over the years. It's time to break free from the shackles of unnecessary belongings and embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Trust me, you'll feel liberated.

Emptying Storage Unit

Our professional clearance services provide proper disposal. They know all the rules and regulations when it comes to getting rid of your unwanted items. They'll make sure everything goes to the right place, whether that's recycling, donating, or throwing away. No more guilt about contributing to the ever-growing landfill empire.

Also Thornbury Self Storage will save you the hassle of tip runs or arranging 3rd party disposals and we can guarantee a more competitive price than anyone else!


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What our customers say

‘Thornbury Self Storage were both helpful and flexible during my parents recent house move.
They saved us time and inconvenience and were ideal for my elderly parents as it is all on ground level. They could even buy their bubble wrap and tape onsite at competitive prices! We would definitely recommend them!’
Mrs Boxall

Thank you for your friendly efficient service. The whole site is immaculate with trolleys to move items. The really helpful staff turned what could have been a very stressful situation in to almost a pleasure.
Your service has worked very well for us and it is really convenient and easy to use when moving house!


'I would like to thank Thornbury Self Storage for providing safe and dry storage for a large quantity of items, including clothing and paperwork, which ensured that the condition of this property was as good when we collected it as when we deposited it more than three years earlier. I would highly recommend them.'

D Baxter

‘I wish to take this opportunity to record my thanks for providing such a professional and friendly service over the past four years. I have had no problems whatsoever!’

Mr Jordan

I have been using Thornbury Self Storage since 2006 and I can recommend this service to anyone who needs storage! The facility is secure and immaculate and there are even trolleys and sack-trucks to assist with heavy items. I am always impressed by the excellent staff who are always friendly and helpful each time I visit. Highly recommended!

Mr Stewart