Do You Really Need A Self Storage Unit?

If you are looking to hire a self storage unit, then you probably already know that you need more space and hiring a storage unit could be the right move for you, but if you are in two minds about whether you need one or not, our latest article looks at the need for self storage and whether it really is the right solution for you.

When it comes to hiring a self storage unit, then there are obviously going to be costs associated to this, as you will need to pay monthly for the rental and then you might also need things like packaging materials and transport to the facility to store your possessions, which might mean hiring a van or getting a removals company to do this for you. This is why when you are considering self storage, you really do need to make sure it is the right solution for your needs.

Hiring a massive unit to just store a few small items is not going to be cost effective, as put simply, this is not really a good use of either the storage unit or your money. But, on the other hand, if you need more space and can adequately fill the right sized unit for your needs, then self storage is a cost-effective solution and can solve a whole host of issues.

Here are some common reasons why you might need self storage.

Moving Home

One of the most common uses for self storage is when people move home, as there are many reasons for this and it makes total sense that a storage unit can bridge the gap between moves, or act as a bit of space and time to allow customers to sort things out, once they have moved home. With the stresses of the move and the logistics and sometimes time worries, putting everything you do not desperately need into storage and then sorting it later can often mean one less worry and one less thing to immediately think about.

Traveling The World

If given the chance in terms of time and resources, most of us would love to do a few months travelling, or even embarking on a round the world tour that you will only ever embark on once in your lifetime. Therefore, hiring a self storage unit and then renting your property out for a year means that your home can be making you money whilst you are enjoying the finer things in life all the way from the other side of the world.


As we get older, we generally need less space, but after 50 or 60 years’ worth of buying and acquiring possessions, when the time comes that we decide to downsize and move to a smaller property, we will have a wealth of things collected that we might not know what to do with. Whilst we might not need these things every day, there is going to be a lot of items you do not want to bin or sell, which is where placing your items into a long-term self storage agreement could be the right way forward for those looking to downsize.

Kids And Universities

When it is time for the kids to leave home and head off for a few years of education, then it can be a good time to move their stuff into self storage and start enjoying that extra space again. Or, if they have decided to fly the nest for ever more but do not have enough room to take their bits and bobs with them, instead of it clogging up your house and garage, placing it all into storage can be the best solution for all concerned. This way, they get to keep all their possessions and can sort them at a time that is convenient and right.

Commercial Reasons

Most small businesses that are looking to grow will have experienced the issue of space many times over, as quite often, they do not have the availability or the resources to expand to increase space, so often get frustrated and trapped into remaining a small business. Self storage for commercial reasons is very popular these days, with more and more businesses now using a storage facility as an extension of their own premises, which makes total sense when you think about how available facilities are and how affordable they can now make themselves.