How Much Should You Be Paying For Self Storage?

In an age where saving every penny and every pound is so important, one of the leading questions when you plan to buy something or hire something, is quite simply, what should it cost and how much should you be paying.

When it comes to self storage, the “how much” question is still applicable, as before you enter into a storage agreement, obviously, you want to get the best deal for you and have a greater understanding of just how much a storage unit is going to cost you every month. Whilst price will always vary from facility to facility, there are a few things that will affect how much you pay for self storage, and we take a look at these below.

Size Of Unit

Like most things, the bigger you need something, the more it will cost, which is why it is vital to work out the correct size of unit you need before you start getting quotes, as if you think you need something massive, and you do not, then the quotes will not only be higher but you will also be wasting money on space you don’t need. Always make sure you get an accurate and comparable quote by working out the size you need, as once you know this, you can then get a price that is reflective of the kind of unit you really do need.

Duration Of Rental

If you are planning to rent and commit for 6 months or more, most self storage facilities will often offer you a discount, as it is in their interests that people rent longer and therefore many will offer a discount for doing so. Short term rental will often cost more per month than long term, so it is well worth speaking to your considered facilities and asking them what kind of deal they can offer to you if you are willing to commit for a minimum term of rental.


City centre facilities often charge more than their rural counterparts as their overheads can often be higher, which of course, must be taken into consideration and therefore factored into the customers rental price. Whilst not always the case, if you are happy to have a little bit of travel time when it comes to your self storage facility, you can often save a little bit of money, which if factored with time and costs, can well be worth thinking about.

Any Extras

It often makes sense to consider the extras you might need when it comes to self storage, which could be anything from storage insurance through to hiring specialist storage boxes to keep your possessions safe and secure whilst in the unit. Not every self storage company will offer a range of extras, but you need to be clear from the start just what is included in your rental agreement, and more importantly, what is not.

Special Offers

And finally, always check out any special offers that the self storage company might be offering, as this can impact the price you pay. For example, some might be offering your first month free, or some might be offering monthly discounts for 6 months rental or more, so always ask the question and see what deal you can get, as if you don’t ask, you will never know!