What Should A Good Self Storage Facility Offer?

When it comes to self storage and choosing the right company to store with, you are going to want to consider only really good facilities, as when you are storing valuable items, in terms of price or sentimental value, you do not want to go cheap and pick a really poor option.

Whatever we buy or hire, we want something that meets our needs and is quite frankly, good. We want a good TV, we want a good meal, we want a good day out, and self storage is no different, as when you are paying a facility every month to look after your possessions, you really do want something that is good, otherwise, you’re wasting money and putting possessions at risk.

So, here are just a few things that a really good self storage facility should offer.


Like most things, we like flexibility in our lives and do not really like to be held to a long-term contact that allows no room to change or amend. Therefore, make sure your storage company will give you flexibility, whether that is rolling contracts, the ability to upgrade and downsize or generally, offer what you need them to, to make your life easier. Always make sure you understand what you are signing before you sign it, and never be afraid to ask questions.


Every storage facility needs to be secure, otherwise, there is no point in even considering them. Ranging from onsite security through to CCTV and controlled access gates, always make sure you consider security and how secure the facility is before you make your decision. Once again, if you’re not sure, just ask, as the only silly question is the one that is never asked, so if you want to know just how secure your goods will be and exactly how they make this happen, visit the site, ask some questions and put your own mind at rest.

Professional And Welcoming Staff

When we go shopping, we all like a smile when we go to pay or need some advice, and when we jump into the back of a taxi, we like a friendly driver that is often up for a chat (well, most of us do!). Having a welcoming member of staff at the facility is just so important, as if you need help, have a question or just fancy saying hello, having a professional relationship just makes everything seem better, especially if they are also highly knowledgeable in their field as well.


Getting the right kind of access for your requirements is crucial for your self storage needs, as not every customer needs 24 / 7 access, and nor does every facility offer it, so make sure you are fully in the know when it comes to when you can access your stored items, and maybe more importantly, when you cannot. Even if the facility does not open all the time, many will offer out of hours appointments if the need really is urgent, so make you get the right access for your needs before you choose your storage company.


Whilst not always required, many storage facilities will offer a range of options or extras. From storage insurance through to packaging and materials, it can well be worth asking your potential storage companies what else they can offer. Some even arrange to collect your storage items from your home, store them and then return them when you need them, so if this is something that you feel could be beneficial, you should always ask if they offer it.