How Businesses Need To Plan for Self storage

Quality self storage facilities can be a real benefit to almost any small to medium sized business. With their combination of convenient access, high security, great resources and great value, quality self storage facilities can solve a lot of irritating problems inherent within certain business models, such as space rental in expensive inner city locations or lack of options in rural areas.

If you’re a business based anywhere near a city centre location, you’ll know all about crippling inner city centre overheads. Shop space, and store room space is at an absolute premium in locations like this, and it can be very, very costly to keep a large store or premises in an inner city. Using self storage can reduce your need for a large stockroom. You can keep the absolute essentials in a small on site stockroom, while having everything you don’t really need in a vastly cheaper and easy to access self storage facility. After all, reducing costs and overheads will always maximise profits.

By employing a self storage unit within your business model, you’re effectively outsourcing. Outsourcing has always been an important part of growth within any business, but when it comes to storage, the other option isn’t really tenable. Setting up your own storage area, or a warehouse, would end up costing you far more, for often a vastly lower quality of storage. Attempting to recreate the same levels of security, convenient access and flawless operation would end up costing you a lot more than simply employing a reputable storage facility. It just makes sense, whether you’re a tiny, new start-up, or a smaller, experienced business to outsource, minimise overheads, maximise profits, and make your life, and your business, easier.

When it comes to employing self storage within your business model, you need to create a plan. Regardless of your business, industry or need, you need to plan your move into self storage, and how that’s going to benefit and enhance your company. Here are some pointers for you.

Choose the Right Facility

Easier said than done sometimes, choosing the correct facility for your businesses needs is the first essential step. You should evaluate the different facilities on elements like cost, value, security, resources and amenities, ease of access, distance and locality and other points. The fact is, you need somewhere that meets your needs neatly and as cheaply as possible, and with the number of amazing storage facilities around the country nowadays, you’re sure to find it.

Know What Your Business Needs

Again, it seems pretty obvious, but the fact is, without knowing what your business requires from a self storage unit, how can you hope to plan for a successful move? If yours is a time-sensitive business, where you might at points require sudden access to your unit, you could require a self storage unit with twenty four hour, computerised access.

If yours is an office based business, and you have sensitive documents requiring storage, security is always going to be a high priority. If you’re storing a large volume of stuff, you need to know the size of unit you’re going to be requiring. Is what you’re storage temperature or humidity sensitive? Can the facility accommodate that? Once you know what your business requires from your self storage unit, then you’re most of the way there to constructing a plan.

Know what is Available from Facilities

Once you know your needs, then you just need to look at the various facilities around you, and find the one that best meets your needs. Plenty of facilities offer twenty four hour computerised access, plenty offer very high levels of security, utilising high fences, CCTV systems and onsite staff and many have extra amenities and resources that could prove very useful. Things like packing materials and pallets, as well as use of forklifts and vehicle access can make utilising a quality self storage unit within your business model smooth, effective and easy. The fact is, it’s a form of outsourcing that could streamline and enhance your business.