Self Storage Options And How To Know What Is Right For You

Setting off down the self storage path for your home or business can be daunting; the many options and choices available to you can seem overwhelming at first, but with a few simple guidelines, you should have no trouble laying down what it is you or your business needs, and how to go about securing the perfect storage unit for you.

What is your primary need for further storage space?

It’s a simple question, but if you are considering self storage as a means by which to continue hoarding otherwise disposable junk, (commercial) self storage could be a costly investment with a minimal return value. If, however, your business has reached the pivotal moment of need for expansion, self storage is the way to go. Similarly, if your home is overrun with items and possessions that you simply can’t dispose of, shopping around for local self storage units could be a cost-effective solution.

Going about answering this question is easy, because all you need to do is sort the things you want to store into a pile as you would when it comes to moving. In doing so, you will likely sift out the unnecessary clutter, and perhaps equally important, reduce the need for a larger unit which in turn, reduces the cost of the unit value. If you don’t have the time to physically assemble all your to-be stored items, try compiling a list of all the things you deem necessary for safekeeping.

Once done, you should now be able to try an online self storage estimator to help gain a rough idea of the unit size you will need based on the number of items you have ready to store, but remember: storage units are designed to be filled to the top, so effective use of shelving could help you lower costs when it comes to renting.

Climate Control

If you need to store electrical or degradable items like paperwork, it is going to be necessary to find a unit with effective climate control or well-sealed units. The definition of climate control can vary between self storage unit suppliers, so make sure to check with the owner on the climate regulation temperatures before signing. Most units will offer a basic temperature regulation system, so the interior will not drop below 12°C nor will it rise above 30°C, but it’s always best to confirm with the owner before going ahead with a rental agreement.


Similarly, you are locking away valuable stock and/or filing, so you should clarify the security available to the premises with the owner. Whilst the exterior security of your unit should be the responsibility of the owner, the interior security of your unit is your own. This means that effective packing is essential for the preservation of your unit’s contents. Heavy rain can lead to damp patches on the floor, and pest control is imperative, so safeguard your stock effectively by using suitable packaging and shelving to separate perishable items from the floor and walls.

Much like the range of climate control available in commercial self storage units, the physical security of your unit should be decided upon prior to your rental. Recorded CCTV is a must when choosing a storage unit for your business, as is on-site staff for the majority of the day, whereas alarm systems for the units are not always available, but certainly worth asking about.


Many business owners choose to rent self storage facilities closer to home rather than the office for the sake of personal convenience. If, however, you spend more hours of your day at the office, try to find a storage unit closer to your workplace. After all, the unit should be used for safeguarding your business property, so ease of access from the office could prove invaluable later on. Location should be considered third to accessibility and security on your checklist, because it is always better to drive a little further to a clean and secure storage unit. Use a search engine like Google to shop around for local storage units, but don’t be afraid to broaden the range of your search if it means securing the right self storage facility for you and your business.