Storage Companies – How to Find the Right Storage Partner

When it comes to choosing your ideal self storage company, there are a number of key things to look out for and evaluate. Self storage can be an ideal solution to a wide variety of irritating, stressful and costly problems.

Whether providing a convenient stockroom or equipment storage facility for a business, or easing the problematic process of moving house, employing a great self storage facility can really streamline some troublesome areas of your life.

With great benefits and solutions for both commercial, and non-commercial issues, it’s really not hard to see why so many people are turning to self storage. Providing an easy and neat, not to mention cheap, storage solution can actually be incredibly useful and helpful. However, it can sometimes be troublesome to find the perfect storage partner for you. With so many different facilities and establishments all around the country, finding the right one for you is really a case of research, and examining the various key factors of each place. Here are some key things to consider.

The key points to examine and evaluate are:

  • Distance and locality – Making sure you’ve got a close enough unit, and balancing the cheapness of more rural facilities, with the convenience of more urban ones.
  • Ease of access to the facility – Can you get access at the times of day you need it? Can you get a large vehicle right up to your unit? Do you need to be able to do these things?
  • Security – Look out for quality security lighting, CCTV cameras, individually alarmed units, onsite staff and computerised gate access.

Different facilities will have different combinations of these features, and making sure you get the ones that are important to your self storage needs is important. Discarding some of the less important ones can help you make a saving on your overall storage costs, and everyone likes spending less.

One of the most important things to examine is online reviews and reputation. Find out how the company is viewed online by reading a variety of unbiased reviews, and get a feel for how you can expect to be treated by this company. Similarly, with the pricing, and the guarantees and offers, make sure you compare different facilities to make sure you get the absolute best deal. Comparing is really essential with almost every service or product, but it’s especially important here. Different facilities will vary wildly in price, so making sure you’re using the right one is paramount, and remember, price doesn’t always reflect quality.

It’s also important to maintain a balance between features and price. Look at which features you don’t really need, for instance, twenty four hour access. How often are you going to be needing to access your unit in the middle of the night? For a business, this might infrequently be important, but for a domestic or non-commercial user, it could be completely irrelevant.

Examine the various features and elements, and decide what you can do without, to potentially lower the price. As well as this, look at using a cheaper rural facility if you’re not going to be dropping in very often. If you don’t need to get anything from your unit very often at all, then you can look at using a facility over an hour away, but if you’re going to be popping in daily, you want to look at somewhere within half an hour’s drive.

You can look at the value of what you’re storing, and decide whether you really need the high security storage unit, or whether your cheap timber and piping can go somewhere with cheaper, more simple security. It all comes down to getting the best deal on the most suitable storage unit for your needs, and what that comes down to is knowing your needs. Evaluating the necessity of having a local unit, or the levels of security required is just a case of knowing how often you need to drop in, or the value of the stored possessions or stock.