Storage Units – How to Make the Most of Yours

The increasing availability and range of options within self storage systems around the country is turning them into a more and more viable option when it comes to dealing with your storage problems.

If you’re a commercial business, a local self storage facility can be the solution to a lot of common headaches when it comes to running your company, such as an affordable and secure place to keep stock or equipment, without the hassle of setting up your own warehouse area, or even as a location to run some elements of your business.

When it comes to domestic storage issues, such as simply running out of space due to inheritance, or someone moving in, or making moving house a lot less troublesome. A lot of people will rent somewhere short-term between homes, and as such they’ll find themselves with less room for their possessions and no massive desire to unpack them all for the few months they’ll be staying in this temporary accommodation. This is where affordable, local, secure self storage can save the day, by providing a great intermediary storage location, and taking one more hassle off of your plate.

There are a number of things to consider with making the most of your self storage facility. Ranging from gauging the balance between features and locality and price, to deciding exactly how much space you’re going to need, and what kind of security elements to look out for, there’s a number of things you really need to evaluate to make sure you’re getting the very best from your storage unit.

The key benefits of utilising a great self storage facility for your business are wide and myriad. Here are a few:

  • No longer needing a huge stockroom in an urban location where space is at a premium
  • No need to set up any kind of private warehouse for your stock
  • Self storage locations aren’t just perfect for stock, but equipment as well. If you’re struggling to find somewhere ideal for storing potentially expensive kit, self storage could have you covered.
  • The security brought to the table by a great storage establishment is hard to replicate. With elements such as computerised access, extensive CCTV and on-site staff, you’d be hard pressed to find somewhere safer or more secure.
  • Plenty of self storage places offer a range of guarantees and offers to commercial customers, as they know they can expect long term, reliable business from them.

Similarly, there are a lot of circumstances where self storage can be incredibly useful in a non-commercial, domestic setting. When it comes to moving house, and not having room to store all your stuff, or if you’ve inherited a lot of things and you have nowhere to store them. Maybe one of your kids is moving back home from university and you long since converted their room to a gym or study? Self storage can be an easy, quick and cheap solution, stress free.

In regards to making the most of your self storage unit, regardless of whether you’re a commercial or domestic customer, there are a number of key things to evaluate, compare and choose between different self storage establishments.

  • Choose the right unit size. Evaluating the scale and size of the things you’re going to be storing is important, as well as storing things smart, with stackable boxes, etc. You really don’t want to be paying for a unit bigger than you need.
  • Look at the security features, such as CCTV, onsite staff, computerised gate access, security lighting, and individually alarmed storage units. All these are important decision making factors.
  • Accessibility is important, check whether you can get a larger vehicle right up to your unit, and whether or not the place has twenty four hour gate access.
  • Find a balance between cost and price, and rural or urban facilities. Closer urban ones will be more expensive, as space is at a premium, but rural ones will be more awkward to get to.