Student Self storage – Ideal for Cities like Bristol

Things can be difficult when you’re just starting out. When you’re just getting established, moving away from mum and dads, and bearing the brunt of uni fees, anything that makes your life easier is to be appreciated and taken full advantage of.

When you’re moving around a lot between different accommodations, it can be incredibly helpful to have your bulky possessions in a local student self storage facility, rather than cluttering your life and anchoring you down. It’s much easier to move when you don’t need to borrow or hire a van! Clutter and mess hanging around generally tiny student accommodation is also to be avoided at all costs, as you will end up feeling like an extreme hoarder and very claustrophobic. Self storage presents a neat, cost-effective and potentially long-term solution to your storage needs if mum and dad are no longer willing, or simply don’t have the space, for all your unneeded, but still very much wanted, belongings.

Here’s why self storage is ideal for students, especially in inner city areas like Bristol.

Let’s face it, student accommodation is frequently less than ideal. Cramped and often with less than helpful landlords, sorting your lodgings can, from personal experience, be a huge can of worms, and in such a cramped, and sometimes unsecure environment, do you really want all your unneeded and unnecessary possessions piled up around you? Clutter is distracting, ugly and awkward, no one needs it, especially not in small student accommodation. That’s not even talking about bigger stuff, like sofas and TVs! A student self storage unit can be the solution to a lot of your logistical issues, and can give you the minimalist, study friendly environment that everyone is after.

Really, the alternatives to using a self storage facility are not great, and for a lot of students, completely untenable. With a lot of parents downsizing their property after the kids head off to university, it’s not unusual to be in a situation where your parents simply don’t have room to store your possessions anymore, and living like a hoarder really isn’t in anyone’s to-do list, so that really leaves you with one practical option, which is getting bigger accommodation, with maybe even a spare room for storage.

This is expensive. Very, very expensive. If you’re already a student, you’ll know all about paying through the nose for accommodation, and just how costly and difficult living away from home can be. Don’t add to that. A quality student self storage facility can be the key to a lot of your problems. Allowing you to shift all your books, CDs, games, DVDs, furniture or TVs to somewhere else not only frees up a lot of room for you, but is cheaper and safer! Student accommodation is very much at risk of burglary. This is a sad fact about city centres really, and there are ways to protect your treasured, necessary possessions, but for all that unneeded peripheral stuff, a self storage facility is ideal. Secure, easily accessible and much cheaper than any close alternative, it’s the best option.

The benefits of self storage from a student’s perspective are extensive. With so many other costs and awkward elements to deal with, the cost-effective, convenient and straightforward way to deal with all the logistical issues of moving all your unneeded and awkward possessions. Whether you’re at university for three or seven years, a quality self storage facility can have you covered. Long term or short, they will keep your stuff safe and sound, in secure, alarmed and monitored units. One of the best elements of using self storage as student is no longer being reliant on mum and dad to look after your stuff.

So many people I’ve known have been disappointed and upset that after moving away from home, their parents have given away, binned or lost their childhood possessions. It can be really upsetting for the more sentimental types among us, not to mention potentially losing something valuable. However, you can’t really blame your parents – they’re not running a self storage facility! Getting yourself a storage unit can be one of the best decisions you can make in terms of simplifying, minimalizing and easing your passage through university, and that’s not even mentioning how cheap it can be! At its core however, you’re getting the safety and security for things you might not want or need now, but could treasure for years to come.