The Benefits Of Long Term Local Self Storage

Self storage is becoming increasingly popular as both commercial and domestic customers begin to recognise just how beneficial it is for many various reasons, with the rise in demand for storage units rapidly growing over the past decade, a rise led by demand but also by knowledge regarding how self storage can work for both home owners and businesses.

When it comes to choosing a facility, you generally have two options to choose from – a large brand / chain or a local and independent storage facility. A chain owned facility is likely to be huge, well-advertised and you will have seen them all over the country – they won’t have anything individual about them. Local facilities are likely to be family owned, generally independent, have multiple benefits and be within an easy to reach location to you.

Here are just some of the benefits of long term local self storage:

Getting To Know You

When you are storing your items long term, it is pretty depressing visiting the facility for the umpteenth time and still meeting a different person every time you go. Wouldn’t it be nice to visit and have the staff know your name, or even spark up a conversation with you? Wouldn’t it be nicer for you to know who they are so you can ask how they have been?

Local storage facilities will generally have the same staff, which means you get this lovely familiarity that you often don’t get with larger facilities. This is extra beneficial because it will feel more personal, and you’re likely to enjoy a much more individual service.


Knowing the people at the facility is a really great thing, because they are looking after your goods. You want to trust that they know their business and know how best to do it. Trust is directly linked to human connection which is something you can really get from a locally owned facility, as the more you get to know the facility, the staff and the overall business, the more your trust will grow and the more “at home” you will feel when storing your items there.

Local Knowledge

You might not think local knowledge is a real benefit, but the benefits become clear when you think about all the different services you might need from the facility. Perhaps you need to ask them if they know a local removals company, or auction house. Maybe you need them to give directions to someone making a delivery at the facility. Local knowledge does come in very handy, particularly if you’re running part of your business from your storage space.

Supporting Local Business

High streets are crumbling around us and the only way to stop that is by supporting local businesses. Although your local self storage facility may not be on the high street, it very much forms part of your local economy. Giving your money to a locally owned business that has roots in the area is a really fantastic thing, and is a fair exchange when they in return give you a unique, high quality service.


Sometimes larger facilities can be cheaper because they ‘sell in bulk’ and own larger plots of land. However, when you are looking for a space for your treasured goods, is it really best to opt for the cheapest facility, or the highest quality facility? You may well pay a bit more for a locally owned facility, but it will be worth it for all the additional benefits you get that you don’t get with a chain facility.

Pride In The Business

If a facility is locally owned it is likely they take a lot of pride in what they do, especially if it is family run. They will care about it being up to date, any repairs being taken care of and having the most up to date security and facilities because they take pride in what they sell. Pride in your business often reflects in the quality of service and product, so a facility that takes great pride in what they offer can quite often deliver a much superior service.