Why Would You Need Long Term Self storage Solutions?

Using a local self storage facility for long term storage solutions is becoming increasingly common, with more and more people opening up to the myriad of possibilities inherent within a reputable and capable self storage facility.

When you know you can count on a facilities security, value and guarantees, the number of uses for a self storage unit is huge.

With inner city space at an absolute premium at the moment, in the last few years we’ve seen businesses like gyms and shops setting up their entire operation within storage containers, and people constructing micro-homes from old storage containers! Obviously, not everyone wants to take it to that level of commitment, but the uses are still very diverse and potent, with the common ones being moving house, going to university, various business purposes and just generally dealing with having too much stuff and nowhere to put it.

Moving House

If you’re moving house then you could be in need of a self storage unit. Whether you’re temporarily staying in rented accommodation between properties, or downsizing, self storage could help. If you staying in rented accommodation, then you’re unlikely to want to unpack all the sentimental or bulky knick-knacks and oddments we acquire, so self storage helps you dodge that hassle.

When downsizing self storage can be an absolute life-saver. Maybe the kids moved out a couple of years ago, and you’re left with two or more rooms absolutely packed with stuff you cannot bring yourself to bin. Getting yourself a self storage facility could be an effective and invaluable solution, and it’s not as expensive as you might think.

Dealing With Inheritance

Dealing with loss can be an incredibly difficult and stressful period, and not everyone is capable of dealing with a loved ones possessions or their potentially bulky, difficult to store inheritance right away. Valuable, sentimental things like furniture and ornaments, which you would never bin or sell could easily be stored in self storage facility, allowing you to carefully and sensitively deal with them when it feels right.

Heading Off To University

If you’re heading off to university this coming September, or maybe returning for another year, and finding yourself with an absolute ton of stuff to shift and deal with, or maybe your parents don’t have the room anymore, what you need is a self storage unit. The right self storage unit would allow you to safely and permanently store all your sentimental or valuable childhood stuff while you’re getting your life started at university.

Commercial Purposes

As well as these great domestic uses, there’s also the business elements to consider, and there are a lot of them. Almost any business could benefit from a self storage facility, with their professional grade security, insured, convenient premises and great value commercial prices, you’d be foolish not to look into what self storage facilities could do for your business.

Equipment Storage – If your business has a lot of expensive, bulky or fragile equipment that you can’t really leave sat around in a van or at home, a long-term self storage unit could be the one for you. Al      

Stock Room – We all know inner city high street costs are absolutely astronomical, especially in capital or big cities like London or Birmingham. Using local self storage facilities as your stock room could allow you use smaller and therefore cheaper premises.

Online Warehouse – If you run an online store type of business, instead of hiring out a warehouse, which could potentially prove costly and inefficient, consider utilising self storage. Easy access, great security, and great prices are all on your side, and when it comes to online business, it’s all about keeping those practical costs low.

And those are just a few ideas! In reality, the flexible and customisable nature of self storage means you’re sure to find some way in which they could benefit you or your business.