Gloucestershire And Self Storage – Why Demand Is Increasing

Gloucestershire is a beautiful county in the South West of England. The main City within the county is of course Gloucester, but Stroud, Tewkesbury, Cirencester and Cheltenham are also key areas in the county. Self storage is becoming increasingly popular within Gloucestershire, and it really is no surprise with all of its current benefits – lots of people want to live in this wonderful part of the country.

The schools are a particularly big draw, with many state schools, and some prestigious private schools as well. Higher education brings in lots of new residents, with the University of Gloucestershire and The Royal Agricultural University serving thousands of students every year, and the various higher education colleges providing various speciality courses.

Gloucester itself is certainly not the only reason people flock to the county, in fact, some might say Cheltenham is becoming even more popular now, particularly with those looking to live relatively locally to London, but with a better quality of life. Gloucester does still remain the most historical City in the county, and is one of the top ten historical places in the country. It has a gorgeous cathedral, Roman points of interest, and a docklands with a very rich history. Gloucester also has a fabulous range of shops, entertainment areas, attractions, eateries and events which shows in the increasing population of young people living here – a third of which are under 25.

Gloucester also has a great transport system and links to Bristol, Hereford, Cirencester and Cheltenham are convenient. So those working in neighbouring towns can easily commute.

It is also worth noting that entrepreneurial culture has never been stronger, and many companies want to work within easy reach of London, whilst paying cheaper rent on working spaces, and gaining more of a quality of life. Gloucestershire provides this option for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

With all of these positives in mind, it really is no surprise people are moving to Gloucestershire. This also easily explains why the demand for Gloucester self storage is increasing at such a quick rate.

Start-ups Benefit From Self Storage

Entrepreneurs and start-ups get huge benefits from self storage. They can expand and grow without having to worry about signing hefty contracts. They can use a bigger space or a smaller space depending on seasonal changes in demand. They can choose their working hours. They can perhaps invest more money in a shop rental in a good location because they use a self storage unit as a warehouse. The benefits are endless.

Cheaper Rent Than London, But Still Higher Than Average

Although rental prices here are cheaper than London, the cost of living here is also said to be slightly higher than average, because it is such a desirable location. So those moving to the area may only be able to afford a smaller place to live, but still have all the items a family needs like seasonal goods, outdoor items, toys and hobby items. Self storage enables a family like this to enjoy the living space they do have, and store their other items cost effectively and safely.

Students Have More Flexibility

As a student, you gain a lot of possessions very quickly. From fancy dress items, to crockery, to technology – it doesn’t take long to acquire a lot of kit that you probably just do not need every single day. The problem is, where does it all go go between semesters or years of study? We don’t recommend you try and carry it all on the train with you, and it really isn’t a good idea to leave it in your student accommodation. Self storage is a really great option which gives you peace of mind and flexibility. So you can go home for summer without worrying, or store your items while you look for somewhere new to live.

These are just some of the reasons demand for self storage is increasing in Gloucestershire. The only question you need to ask yourself is – why haven’t you taken advantage of it yet?