Why An Independent Self Storage Facility Should Always Be Considered

Looking to invest in self storage? Congratulations, you have a lot of great choices ahead of you. Before you choose the first facility recommended to you, it’s a really great idea to take a look at all of the options you have.

Here are a few reasons to consider an independent self storage facility:

They Will Know All About The Facility And The Surrounding Area

It is really important to ask any prospective self storage facility lots of questions. After all you’re going to be putting them in charge of housing your treasured belongings, so you need to know they have all the answers for you. When you call an independent facility you are sure to get all the answers you need and more, because the people answering will work at the facility (or nearby) and will understand your needs and concerns.

Questions you may want to ask are:

  • What are the different sizes of units you have?
  • Where is your facility?
  • What security do you have?
  • Can you provide me with a quote?
  • What are the contract options?

Of course a chain will provide you with plenty of information, but with an independent facility you often get more of a personal touch which is a really great thing. The more you can trust in the people you’re talking to, and trust in the information they are giving you, the more secure in your decision you can feel.

They Will Care About The Product They Are Offering

People who own an independent facility, and work in an independent facility are often family or family based. Or they have been handpicked to work there by those who own it. Smaller businesses really do care about the people who are taken into the business and understand that those people represent the product they offer. So you can expect those working for the facility to genuinely care about it, and care about doing their jobs well. Attention to detail and keeping you, the customer happy, is extremely important to any company, but especially a smaller company. So you can expect the facility to be well kept, clean, modern and attractive, and the staff to be friendly, communicative and helpful.

You’re Less Likely To Have To Pay More Over Time

A larger company may be under pressure to expand quickly and pay bigger overheads, which can potentially leave customers at risk of having their rates raised. With independent self storage companies, you’re not likely to experience this. Independent companies usually aren’t trying to rule the world, and they usually really care about offering a fantastic service to the community they are part of. Although they will be looking to make money (they are a business after all) they will be investing back into their business, which benefits the customer long term. They will also always prioritise the customers’ needs as the most important factor when it comes to the business model.

An Independent Storage Facility Could Be The Best Choice For You

When you set out looking at all your options for self storage, remember to consider independents as well as chains. Remember that getting the cheapest deal won’t necessarily get you the best service long term.

Look for a company that:

  • Gives you all the information you need up front
  • Makes you feel like a valued customer
  • Has polite and friendly staff
  • Actively encourages you to come and see the facility
  • Provides you with an excellent long term rate
  • Provides you with flexible storage options long term
  • Has an excellent security setup

Remember to ask as many questions as you need to, so you feel completely comfortable and assured in your final decision.