Gloucestershire Businesses Using Self Storage – It’s More Common than You Think

Local Gloucestershire-based businesses have been making more and more use of self-storage services in recent years. The benefits of self storage are evident in its ease of use and security. It’s essentially comparable to outsourcing, with companies no longer having to rent out units, ensure their storage facilities are secure, functional and insured all without having to do any of the leg work involved in setting that up.

Security and Insurance

The fact is, as a business, you want your stock or equipment stored away to be fully secure, watched and insured. If you were to pursue setting this up yourself, you’d be looking at hiring a unit, paying for security set-up, paying for security monitoring and maintenance as well as paying for the insurance costs.

The costs of hiring a self storage unit pale into nothingness in comparison. Obviously, you’d be shifting the weight of organising and planning your own storage, and therefore the cost of the hours spent doing that, on top of the fact that you’d no longer be concerned with the costs of insuring your stock against theft and damage.


Potentially unlike your own storage set-up, you can access most self-storage facilities 24 hours a day, and with the number of self storage establishments dotted around Gloucestershire, you’re pretty much certain to find one in easy reach of your business. This is why a lot more businesses nowadays have been making use of these Gloucester self storage facilities. As well as this, keeping stock in self storage makes sure the stock stays in tip-top condition, unlike if it were waiting around in a warehouse, where it could receive wear-and-tear from the activity around it.


As I mentioned before, using self-storage is a lot like outsourcing. And outsourcing and delegation is always key to running and expanding a successful business. It takes concerns off the managers where making sure stock and equipment is safe are concerned, allowing them to focus on activities more directly related to maximising profit and utilizing their time more efficiently. It’s also much cheaper than setting up your own storage area, as well as cheaper in terms of time wasted establishing your own storage solution. You’ve also got to remember, self storage is designed to keep the equipment and stock stored within in perfect, as-you-left-it condition. This means that instead of things being scuffed, damaged and broken sat around in warehouses and offices, they stay in the exact same, new condition you left them there, thus retaining value and potentially saving you money.

A Word of Warning

You always want to view the unit you’re going to be actually using. Never just sign up without thoroughly inspecting the area. Make sure you check security features, and how they potentially affect you. For example, opening times. If you can’t get in to the storage unit after a certain time, this could have painful knock on effects in your business. Always compare quotes, and haggle for the best commercial deal you can get.

In the UK nowadays, you hear tales of businesses completely setting up shop within storage units. With the slow demise of the high street, and lots of physical businesses unable to meet their overheads, it’s become something of trend seeing small boutiques, shops and even gyms setting up shop completely inside storage units! Now no-one is suggesting this is best route for your business, but it does illustrate the potential and flexibility behind storage units, and the numerous ways you can exploit the flexible nature of them to benefit your business.

Through making extensive use of Gloucestershire self storage facilities, you can maximise your businesses efficiency, turnover and staff morale, through removing unnecessary tasks, protecting stock and equipment, and saving overheads on hiring your own units. There is a myriad of special offers and discounts for commercial users available from storage facilities around the county, and if you run a business, you’d be foolish not to consider it as a way of maximising profit, minimising costs and outsourcing hours of unnecessary labour.