Why Security Means So Much to Your Self Storage Facility

When you’re looking for somewhere to store your treasured (or at least valued!) belongings, either commercial or private, you want to know that the storage facility you’re leaving them in is up to the task of keeping them completely safe.

The security of your local self storage facility is therefore of the upmost importance, with self-storage facilities investing a lot of time and money in security features such as computerised gate-access, well-lit areas and thorough professional alarm systems. The fact is, there are a lot of substandard services out there, and it can sometimes be awkward sussing out the best and most secure self-storage facilities available.

This is why we’ve put together this article highlighting the most important features that any reputable self-storage facility should utilise.

You’ve always got to bear in mind why people use self-storage. When moving house, or perhaps while in rented accommodation, they might store all their non-essential possessions, or simply store stuff they don’t have room for, but cannot bring themselves to throw away. Essentially, everything that’s being stored needs to be viewed as being very, very important to somebody. Likewise with businesses storing things, admittedly on a different, less personal level. Businesses will view their stored equipment or stock, on a pure cost value basis, thus rendering it just as important and valuable to the self-storage facility.

Ensuring the best quality security not only reassures customers, but it’s also crushingly important for the storage facility’s reputation. On top of that, if for whatever reason the facility doesn’t have everything legally secured and insured, the business could be in for a wealth of legal trouble if anything goes missing or the facility is broken into.

On-site Staff

Does the self storage facility have on-site staff? Office hours or a resident manager? This is essential to both the customer’s peace of mind and the establishments. Knowing there’s going to be someone around to talk to a lot of the time, plus knowing your stuff isn’t simply left on its own. A lot of self-storage facilities have remote operated intercoms and computerized gate access, 24 hours a day.

Cameras, Cameras, Cameras

The facilities need to have plenty of security cameras, in plain sight, with plenty of monitors around. There needs to be a camera at the gate, and throughout the facility, especially in the offices. You should enquire about how much of the time the security camera feed is being monitored. Obviously, cameras serve as a deterrent, if someone is casing the facility and sees them, they will also act as a preventative if monitored thoroughly, making use of motion sensors. As well as that the recorded footage can aid in recovery of potentially stolen goods and persecution of thieves.

Lighting is Everything

In order for the cameras to work to their full potential, the whole facility needs to be clean, open, and most importantly, well-lit. This is crucial, as it clarifies the footage massively, as well as functioning once again as a deterrent, making the facility seem more professional and secure. There needs to be plenty of motion-sensor-operated security lights, to accompany the cameras. As well as this, it’s simply preferable for the client’s sake, making it a more functional, pleasant place to use.

Well Alarmed

As well as the main alarms, you need to check whether there are single alarms in the individual storage areas. Obviously there are always going to be alarms in the office/central areas, but making sure there are individually alarmed storage units really illustrates the establishment’s dedication to the customer’s security. This is absolutely key, and many storage facilities just don’t have this essential feature incorporated. It’s absolutely worth asking about.

In essence, the very nature and success of a self storage facilities hinges on how secure, and professional, it is. It’s all well and good having the branding and look nailed down, but until the facility has all the functioning, essential features fitted, proven and working, I’d really consider looking at different establishments. After all, no one is storing anything worthless, what’d be the point? Security needs to always be a top priority.