How Cities Like Bristol Benefit From Self Storage Facilities

Although more and more people are moving to working online, cities like Bristol are still crammed full of city workers who need to commute to businesses operating in a physical space.

The thing is, commuting is just so stressful isn’t it? Sitting on a train sharing air with approximately 400 other people, then there are delays, and it is raining when you get there and you still have to get a bus to make the final part of the journey then do it all again at home time, oh and it costs you an eye watering chunk of what you earn from your job every month as well, just to add salt to the wound.

Make no bones about it – commuting is stressful, expensive and – the longer it is, the more stressful it can often be. With that in mind it isn’t any surprise so many of us decide to compromise on living space in order to live closer to work. Yes we have no space and it costs so much for us to live there, but, we have more free time and we don’t have to commute for what feels like 90% of the day.

The only problem is, when you live in the city, what do you do with all your stuff? The answer? Self storage of course!

Here are just a few reasons cities like Bristol benefit from self storage facilities:

When People Are Downsizing

A person, small business or family might have to move closer to the city which is likely to mean they have to downsize to balance out the higher costs of living in a space closer to the city centre. It isn’t anything new, downsizing is common, but it is also quite difficult. You can’t just have a ‘de-clutter’ of your stuff, you need to leave a high percentage of it behind, especially if you are moving to a space with no garden, or just a single room. So this process can be potentially heart breaking for some who are considering getting rid of sentimental items, or items they saved up years to buy.

To stop it being a real tragedy, why not avoid getting rid of all your stuff and instead opt for some affordable self storage? Yes you should have a de-clutter because that is always a good idea, but don’t chuck away items with a deep connection to you – get some self storage and keep hold of them until you can use them again.

When The Seasons Change

It is all well and good having a table and chairs outside in summer, squeezed into your tiny outdoor haven, but when the winter comes and the furniture needs to come in for protection, where are you going to put it? What about when you buy camping stuff for a festival then come home to your tiny apartment with literally not even a drawer to spare? Or when you decorate for Christmas and then take the decks down only to find you have to stay staring at the tree wrapped in a black bag because you actually have no storage. Don’t compromise the limited space you do have – opt for self storage and keep your seasonal items safe and securely stored, all at minimal cost.

When You Are Having Someone To Stay Or Having A New Baby

When space is at a premium, you simply cannot just ‘clear a room’ – every single area has its purpose. For that reason it can be really difficult when you are planning a baby or having someone to stay for more than a few days. You can hardly expect your guest, or the baby to sleep on the sofa for any length of time (nor would we advise that!). The easiest way to create space is to repurpose a room, and to repurpose a room you have to get rid of items. The problem is, you’re likely to want to keep whatever was in the room because it was so carefully chosen anyway because of the limited space.

Self storage certainly is a solution to this and will enable you to create the necessary space either temporarily or long term.

Small Businesses

Offices in the centre of Bristol are often very expensive, so any space rented is precious and can’t be used up storing stock, paperwork or equipment. Small businesses can make the most of their expensive rental space by placing business items into self storage units which are cost effective, flexible and easily accessed when you need to.

University Students

It is all well and good taking your singular student suitcase on a train in the start of your first year, but you can guarantee you will have more than that to take home at the end of the year! Any of the 22,000+ students attending the university annually can take advantage of low cost, local self storage and avoid the dreaded train journey home with three suitcases, two backpacks and a carrier bag every year.