Why Self Storage Can Help A Small Business Grow

Self storage isn’t just for customers who are moving home, or who need some extra storage space for a variety of reasons. Self storage is becoming increasingly popular with business owners who are looking to this incredible resource in order to aid the growth of their small business.

If you are a small business owner, someone who has the need for a physical space to store stock or other necessary items, perhaps you are an online start-up, or are struggling to find an office nearby to you, then take a look at these reasons self storage could help your small business grow, this could be the game changer you’ve been looking for:


Rarely do small businesses aim to stay small. If you are expanding, and you have found that the garage where you store your stock is overflowing, the spare room you run your business from is cluttered, or you’re suffocating in business paperwork and you have nowhere to put it, then self storage could be great for you. By placing stock, equipment, files or other physical objects into self storage, you have more room to actually ‘do business’ from your office, wherever that may be.


Self storage also helps your business expand in other ways, by enabling you to grow at a rate comfortable for the business. Many small business owners find they expand a little and are forced to invest in hefty warehouse contracts which tie them down to high costs for financially instable periods of time. Although you might have some level of prediction as to how much bottom line you have for rental space, nothing is guaranteed when you’re at a vulnerable growing stage, which is why a lot of small businesses often get growing pains when this happens. With self storage your company gets room to breathe. Flexibility is a major benefit to self storage, enabling you to enjoy the size of the space you need, for as long as you need without tying you down.

Look Professional

If you work from a small office that is full of items that would be much better placed in self storage, it can be hard putting across a professional and serious image to prospects. Storing your items in a self storage unit gives you easy access to them, but keeps them away from your ‘presentation space’ so you can gain new prospects and continue to grow.

Keep Your Bottom Line Healthy

Self storage is so much more affordable these days, it really is, which is great news for small business owners counting every pound and penny. You get cheap storage space which enables you to save money you might have otherwise spent on warehouse or office rental. Every penny counts at this stage so money spent on self storage really is economical.

Go Online

Lots of small businesses and start-up’s are working from self storage units now because so many are based online. Perhaps you are completely based online, or you’re looking to move online. Self storage gives you the freedom to work this way without getting tied down to anything too hefty or committal.

Enjoy Extras

Many self storage facilities provide additional services like taking your deliveries for you when you can’t be at the facility, offering packaging services or removals (at extra costs) or even just offering advice if they have knowledge in something you’re enquiring about. This is a big help when you’re run off your feet starting a business.

Stay Protected

Your business goods are probably safer at the self storage facility than they are at your home office, or even work building. This is because you have to insure your goods to keep them at a self storage facility, and because the facility should have epic amounts of security like lighting, a 24 hour reception, cameras, locks, walls and secured gates – much more than you’re likely to have anywhere else.