How Cost Effective Is Self Storage For Local Businesses?

There are lots of different types of local businesses that can benefit from self storage. From the huge amount of self-starters with amazing entrepreneurial spirit, needing to save as much money as possible while they tackle the world. To the local businesses making up the local economy whilst trying to stay afloat during this huge shift in the way people spend their money.

From selling online, to pop up shops, to long standing family businesses, there is a rich selection of local businesses who could all benefit from the cost effectiveness of self storage. Whether your store room is the garage or the back office, you have stock you send out, you’re struggling for filing cabinet space, or you’re simply in need of some cheap extra space for your business – there is usually always a reason a business needs extra square footage. The great news is, there is almost limitless space for you to use at your local self storage facility.

Is Self Storage Cost Effective For A Local Business?

Understandably, any business is watching the pennies, especially a small to medium local business that might be financially vulnerable during growth periods. So it makes sense that when you’re already paying for workspace, you don’t want to be shelling out for even more space if you don’t need it. Well, these points below should help you see not only how much self storage can benefit you as a local business, but how cost effective it can be as well:

It Gives Your Business The Room To Be Flexible

If a modern business wants to succeed, it needs to be flexible. There’s no getting around this fact. This flexibility comes in many shapes and sizes. A business may need the flexibility to expand and decrease its stock seasonally, without paying for the maximum amount of storage space needed the entire time. A company may need space to store paper systems while it moves into going to digital. A company may need cheap workspace expanding from creating and storing items in the spare room or kitchen. Every business is different, but every business needs the ability to be flexible. With self storage you aren’t tied into any long term contracts, any expensive contracts and any contracts that don’t enable your business to breath. With self storage you can expand your storage space for busy times, and shrink it for quieter times. With self storage, you can enjoy the working space you pay for, while you store bulky items off site, accessing them only when you need to.

It Saves You Money

Local businesses can save money with self storage. Renting a large warehouse is expensive and you can save on those costs using self storage. But you can save even more using self storage. Did you know you don’t have to pay business rates on the storage unit you rent? You don’t have to pay council tax on your storage unit either. VAT is something you have to pay, but you can also claim that back. These amounts of money may seem small, but if you add up how much you can save, you’ll see that the amounts add up, especially if a business is still in its growing stage.

It Is Safer Than Your Office, And Probably Safer Than Your Warehouse

You might want to store stock, important paperwork, valuable office equipment, and any number of business items that have a great total worth. So it is important they remain safe and in the same condition they were in when they were stored. You can feel assured that your items are not only safe at your local self storage facility, but safer than if you stored them at home or in your office or warehouse. That is because self storage units invest a lot of money into their security systems. They use climate control to ensure items inside the unit remain in good condition. They also have elaborate fire protection systems, security cameras, security gates, locks, safety rules, hygiene and more.

Self Storage Is Cost Effective For Local Businesses

Above are just a few reasons why self storage is effective for local businesses. There are many more reasons that will be individual to your business alone. Why not enquire today and find out just how cost effective self storage is for your business?