How Self Storage Can Support A Growing Bristol Or Gloucestershire Business

If you have a business in Gloucestershire or Bristol and you are looking to expand, you will probably have already realised just how expensive it is to either find a bigger office or premises, or extend your current property.

The big issue for many small to medium sized businesses is that when they reach a certain stage of growth, how do they grow further, as if you need more space then trying to find the investment or capital to make the move up the ladder is so incredibly difficult, and for many, just impossible, especially with the current lending requirements for many businesses being so tough and stringent. Knowing you need to grow as a business is one thing, knowing how to grow is something different, which is why so many businesses get stuck in a stage that they simply cannot evolve from.

Expansion for many businesses is often one step they need to take but simply cannot, mainly for the financial reasons we discuss above, but often also due to the upheaval in terms of the time and effort it could take to relocate and of course having to move an entire work force, stock, products and everything else that goes with a business. So, even if it is financially viable, it might not be logistically, which just presents another barrier to your business growing and your business expanding.

If this story sounds very much like the scenario you and your business finds itself in, then self storage could be the perfect solution, as it is an effective, affordable and often a very realistic option for your business, for many reasons which we discuss below:


If you compare moving to a new office or expanding your current one with a year’s self storage rental fees, you are probably going to already guess that the self storage option is generally going to be much cheaper. No need for a massive deposit, no need to have to worry about a lump sum up front, as you simply rent what you want for how long you want it, with most facilities offering a rolling contract for their customers.


Most self storage facilities offer ongoing and flexible contracts, meaning that you can book for the year or you can just have a couple of months to see how you go and whether it works for you as a business. Self storage offers an immense degree of flexibility, allowing you to use the space you need, when you need it, and should you find that you are now in a position to expand and no longer need the storage, you simply give your notice, clear the items out and then move on, it really is that simple and so very flexible.


Most self storage facilities are massively secure and protected, which means that your storage unit is often far more “safe” than your actual work place, which can make it a really fantastic storage option for things like files, document and other records that you have to keep for a certain amount of years for accounting and legal reasons. You can rely on your self storage company (if you choose the right one of course) to look after you, your business and your requirements, and as we have discussed, you will be able to use the storage how you need to, which is so important for any business.


If you want to upsize or downsize, if the facility has the capacity to allow your business to do this, then this is often not an issue, which means your storage can grow and adapt with your business. Do not feel that if you start off with one sized unit you have to stick with this forever, as the whole point of a storage unit is that you use it how you want to use it, in terms of if you need more space, you upgrade or simply rent more units to cope with the growth.