The Things You Wish You Knew About Self Storage But Were Never Told

Like so many products or services, self storage is something that many people will have views on and experiences of that they are just ready to share, with some quite true and others not so true, as the story gets passed down more and more people until it reaches you, each time changing just a little bit!

If you are looking for an affordable solution to your space issues, then self storage is a great way to go, but there could be some things or reasons that might just be putting you off reaching out and finding more information about the options that are open to you.

So, we offer the things you wish you know about storage but were probably never told, which will hopefully give you the real information that you need to push forward and see if hiring a self storage unit really is the right option for you.

It Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth

As with many things, people often have a perceived idea of how much something is going to cost them, and rather than actually finding out the correct prices they just think that it will be too expensive or not affordable and therefore just dismiss the idea. Self storage is often far more affordable than you may think, especially with many facilities offering decent incentives, so always ring around or visit a few websites to get some quotes before dismissing self storage, as you will be very surprised at just how affordable most storage companies actually are.

You Do Not Need Long Term Contracts

If you have been put off from using self storage as you think you need to be tied into 6 – 12 month contracts, this is just not the case, as the majority of facilities now offer rolling contracts with a months’ notice to leave. You can often end up saving money by committing to three months or more as most offer discounts for committing for a certain length of time, but if you only need a unit for a couple of months then this is all you need to pay for, so never be put off by the thought of lengthy contracts that you do not need, as this is very rarely the case with most facilities these days.

Big Brands Are Not Always Best

With all of their advertising and brand awareness, it can often be tempting to assume that going with the major brands is the only way forward and that you should dismiss any of the smaller, independent and family run facilities. In fact, the smaller facilities can often offer a much more customer focused service, with people you get to know and enjoy speaking with on hand to help you with your every need. Most offer the same kind of deals and incentives to join and most offer the same kind of conditions you would expect with a major facility, so never just ignore the smaller facilities just because they are not part of a major brand or chain.

Location Really Does Matter

We always recommend you firstly find a local self storage facility and then actually do a couple of “test” runs to see how long it takes you to get to it at various points of the day and on the weekend. If you are going to be using your unit often and need pretty regular access, then you do not want an hour drive each way, and whilst Google Maps might show you it is 10 miles away, when you take into account the roads and traffic, this is actually not often the case. Always try to use a decent but local facility so that if you do need access quickly and consistently, it is easy, otherwise you are just adding another stress to your life that you really could avoid.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Self storage facilities often offer a wide range of units in terms of sizes for a reason, as very rarely does a one size fits all approach work for both domestic and commercial customers. Every customer is unique in terms of what they want to store and how much they need to store, so it is important to remember that whilst the smallest sized unit might not work for you, the biggest they have may be far too big, so always speak to the facility and give them a good idea about what you are planning to store as they can then advise you correctly. If you do end up renting the wrong sized unit then speak to the company, as most are relatively flexible and should allow you to upsize or downsize and not make a massive issue of this if they have the capacity to allow you to do so.