How Self Storage Is Cost Effective For Your Family

Self storage is so popular at the moment, because more and more people are recognising why it is a cost effective solution for so many things. Both domestic and business customers can or do use self storage for long term and short term storage solutions.

Families who are naturally watching their income, can often dismiss the idea of self storage due to the perceived outline costs. But these families are missing out, because there are so many pro’s to self storage that actually make it a very cost effective option:

It Is Affordable / Cost Effective

One of the most obvious reasons for using self storage is how cost effective it is because a storage unit is often so much cheaper than people realise. Families watching their outgoings might not have a lot of money to play with, but self storage facilities know their market and they know self storage needs to be affordable for their customers. It is so much more affordable than you think, and the benefits are worth the investment.

It Can Help You Make Money

If one of the main earners in your family is self-employed, running a start up, then self storage can help you make money. Having an easy, flexible workspace to use for stock for an affordable amount, is great compared to the expensive warehouses that usually tie you into a contract for years on end. Plus, you regain the space at your home or property that you may have lost through stock storage.

It Is Cheaper Than Upsizing

Obviously gaining more space is a target for most families. The thing is, it costs a lot of money to upsize if you own your house with houses across the country going up in price 18% per square metre since 2010 (source). Upsizing just doesn’t make sense when you could just get a cheap rental unit and gain the space you currently use for storage. With renting it makes even more sense to stick in your current property and gain space via self storage because rent is the highest per month in the UK, compared to many other European countries (source).

It Enables You To Enjoy Your Space Together

Your entire family won’t always live in the same house together as the kids grow up and fly the nest. While your family is together, it is important to make the most of the space you have. Using a storage unit might seem like an unnecessary cost, but when you think of putting seasonal items from the spare room into a storage unit and turning that extra room into a playroom, nursery, a games room – it seems that bit more inviting.

It Enables You To Protect Precious Items

Not many people have the cash to simply buy new garden furniture every year, new camping items or Christmas decorations. For this reason it makes sense to store these items and keep them safe so your family can enjoy them next winter or summer, knowing they will be in excellent condition.

Protecting Your Things While You Are On Holiday

Homes that are empty for a couple of weeks, or even a weekend, are prone to break ins. To protect your family’s items, and sense of security, it makes sense to take out anything expensive or precious and put it into self storage before you go away.

Having Weekend Hobbies Or Crafts

If your family have hobbies and interests you love to enjoy, but struggle to find the space for, self storage is an incredibly great and ideal investment. You can keep quad bikes, canoes, boats, bicycles and camping gear in self storage, all whilst having fun at the weekends and keeping your storage space at home in tact.

Having self storage as a family is a really important thing, and it won’t take you long to weigh up the benefits for your family before you realise that it is cost effective, and it is time for you to start benefitting from it right now.