When It Comes To Moving, Self Storage Should Be Considered

Moving house is stressful, let’s not be shy about thinking it or event saying it out loud, as it is classed as one of the most stressful experiences that we will experience during our lifetime. For many of us it is traumatic, energy draining, sad, and chaotic and it can cause so much disruption. It really isn’t any wonder people list it as one of the most stressful events you can go through in your life when you think about the hassle and challenges that go with moving property.

The house you live in right now will begin to make you feel both strange and nostalgic as it changes while you pack everything away, and you remember all the great times you had living in it. Your new home is exciting but, it is unfamiliar. So with both of these homes not really being ‘settled’ you are left in the middle, unsettled and often stressed.

One thing can make your life easier – self storage.

One of the biggest parts of moving house is the ‘stuff’ and getting that ‘stuff’ from one place to another place. Self storage enables you to have a much easier experience doing this.

Haven’t considered self storage yet? Consider this:

Self Storage Can Help You Sell Your House

You love everything in your house, that is why you have it all, but potential new owners won’t necessarily like your interior design vibe, your pictures, your furniture, your prized collection of ornaments from around the world …

Basically, most of the ‘you’ in your house needs to go so that potential buyers can see themselves living there. You need to make a blank canvas. Similarly, those items also take up space, again which is a negative to a potential buyer who wants the most square footage for their money. You may also have a lot of items that doesn’t really have a ‘home’ like bikes, toys and unused garden furniture. Clearing all of these things away into self storage will enable you to present your home in the best possible light to new buyers, which means it will help you sell your house.

If you do choose to do this, we recommend having a proper clear-out so only the items you actually want to take with you to the next property get stored.

Self Storage Can Help You Move House With Less Stress

Moving day can be a horrific day. The kids are disrupted, the pets are disrupted, there are emotions about leaving your old home, emotions about getting to your new one, paperwork and deadlines, and of course, all of that ‘stuff’ we spoke about before. Your belongings need to get to your new home and putting them into a removals van then unloading them into your new home can be very, very hard to do without property damage, stress and frayed tempers.

It also adds to the chaos of the entire process. A much more relaxed way to approach moving day is to start packing items weeks or even months in advance of your move so there’s no panic the day before. It can be helpful to keep them secure in a storage unit until after the move so you can gradually move items in after moving day. This takes the pressure off moving day so you can settle the whole family in before unpacking boxes and messing around with furniture arrangements.

Self Storage Can Help You Prepare Your New & Old Home

You will need to leave your old home nice and clean, and you may want to decorate your new home before moving all the furniture in. If this is the case, either home will need to be empty or partially empty in order for you to succeed in cleaning or decorating it. To take the pressure off this happening in a short space of time, why not use self storage to make it easy? Your items will be safe and sound, free from any paint or wallpaper paste, enabling you to prepare your new home and clean your old one for new tenants.

Moving House? Consider Self Storage

Self storage is so useful when it comes to moving house. Take some of the stress off and look into it today, it will make moving day so much easier, guaranteed!