How To Shortlist And Choose From Potential Storage Companies In Bristol

There are so many storage companies in Bristol that it can be so hard to choose the right one. Local businesses, larger franchises, niche storage units, family-run – which one is right for you? Remember, first and foremost you should be taking your time and doing research like this to ensure you make the right choice.

This is an important decision. These people will be caring for your precious items and taking your money to do just that – choosing the right company is essential.

Shortlisting Companies

Before you choose your company, you need to actually have a shortlist. If you try and choose from the hundreds of storage facilities in and around the Bristol area, then there is a good chance you’ll still be choosing into your 90’s!

The problem is, how do you shortlist when you don’t know what you’re looking for? Here’s how:

What Are Your Priorities?

What are your priorities with the self storage unit? Does it matter more to you that the customer service is amazing? Or would you rather have a bigger selection of units to choose from? Consider your own personal priorities and have them in mind when you’re browsing potential storage facilities in the local vicinity.

The Non-Negotiables

Remember things that you should not compromise on when it comes to self storage.

Security – if they don’t have a great security set up, how could you trust them with your items?

Costs – it is all well and good paying more for high quality self storage, but there is no point in even enquiring if the services are well above your budget – it isn’t worth getting into debt over.

Quality – it doesn’t matter how little you are paying, the point is you are paying for a service. You should expect good quality customer service, good facilities and good communication. Don’t compromise on quality for any reason.


It is really important you can access your self storage facility easily. This involves considering two factors – location and opening times.

It is advisable to opt for a self storage facility that is no longer than about 30 minutes away unless it is a specialist facility (where you need the services more than you need the closeness). When they are listed as local, it is worth finding out their exact location so you’re not having to go through busy areas to get to them. You also need to check they are accessible when you need them to be. Perhaps you are only able to visit at night, or you work odd shifts – check you can access your unit when you need to?


Look for a company that is established, that has a good reputation online and if possible, amongst family and friends. It counts to know you’re in good hands. Although there are some amazing up and coming self storage businesses out there, for ease and safety it is a good idea to go for a long-standing established company that you know you can trust.

Choosing The Right Company

Now you have shortlisted companies that match your wants and needs, it is time to make a choice. To do this, by far your biggest concern should be physically viewing the facility before anything else. Only by doing this will you know if the staff are as friendly as they seem on the phone, if the business looks after the units, if it seems secure. It is also much quicker to ask questions this way. By doing this, it is likely you will find you have a ‘favourite’ facility out of the ones you visit (we recommend visiting your top 3).

If you don’t, and they all seem great, consider haggling for the best price, or simply opting for the one that meets your priorities the most.