Thornbury Self Storage – View Our Facility Online Today!

With such a range of varied self storage facilities out there today, it can really help to do your research, and make sure you know what you’re getting from a facility.

That’s why we’ve created a video showing you Thornbury Self Storage, what we have to offer and where everything is. We’re confident in our range of storage options, top notch security features, and raft of resources and amenities available in our facility. Take a quick look at our facility, from the comfort of your device, and think about how we can meet your storage needs.

Based in Thornbury, within easy reach of the Bristol and Gloucester areas, we’re a family run business offering competitively priced self storage for commercial and domestic purposes. Whether you’re a business looking for some extra stock, equipment or document storage space, or a family moving home, we’re able to accommodate your needs and requirements.

Our competitive, affordable pricing structure, and simple pay as you go system guarantees that you’ll get great value, and top storage bang for your buck! Here’s a bit more about our features mentioned in the video.

Easy To Get To

We’re very easy to get to! Located within the Bristol and Gloucester areas, just outside of Thornbury, we’re conveniently accessed via the motorway, making for stress-free and easy access. If you’re a business based locally in the Bristol or Gloucester areas, or you’re moving to one of the cities, then we could be ideal for you and your situation.

Top Notch Accessibility and Versatility

We can meet your needs. Our range of storage spaces is huge, varying all the way from small units to store a couple of document boxes, all the way up to larger sizes, useful for equipment, stock or moving house. All our units are secure, dry and insulated, with plenty of our units available to drive up to, with room for manoeuvring. Everything is on ground floor level, so there are no pesky stairs or elevators to worry about, which can make things much easier when shifting a big pile of stuff!

Quality Security Features

Everyone wants to know that their valued possessions are completely safe and sound, and on top of knowing that they’re stored in dry, insulated units, you need to know they’re protected against theft and the like. Our facility features a specialist high security fence and gate, twenty four hour CCTV coverage, security lighting, and all of our customers are issued a unique and personal pin code, allowing them, and them only, access during our working hours.

Excellent Customer Service

If you find yourself needing a hand, our staff will be more than happy to assist. Our staff have many years combined experience in the industry, and understand the ins and outs of storage and our facility. Any problems, and we’ll be happy to sort them for you.

Highly Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is extremely competitive, and you’ll definitely struggle to find cheaper for the same quality of service. We don’t set fixed terms on our unit rentals, it’s all done on a pay as you go basis, so there’s no need to worry about contracts or anything like that. It’s all very straightforward, stress-free and cost-effective.

Resources and Amenities

We offer a wide range of resources and amenities to our customers, including racking or shelving, boxes, bubble wrap, tape and other packing materials, as well as a pallets. Essentially, we have everything you’re going to be needing for your storage. On top of all that, we’ve also got a forklift available upon request. Whatever you are storing, we’ll be able to help, accommodate and advise you on the best possible options.

So give us a call at Thornbury Self Storage today, and let’s get started sorting your storage issues, whether they be domestic, commercial or anything else. If you’re moving house, running out of space, or running a business, we can make your life easier.

Oh, and don’t forget to go and watch the video by clicking here!