Why Would A Small Business Turn To Self Storage?

When you run a small company, you know that every penny counts. The cost of anything can build up quickly and it is expensive at this stage of the business, so it makes sense to watch the budget like a hawk. One of the most expensive parts of having any sized business, is having business space. For small business, it can literally eat up all of the budget.

Even very small business premises can cost lots of money to rent every month, plus business rates and being tied into a hefty contract – it is no wonder many small business owners hesitate to expand and instead put up with working from a home space when they really do need to be growing.

When you work from home you don’t have to pay any (business) rental amounts, or rental overheads, and you don’t have to know where your money is coming from in a few years’ time, as with hefty long term rental agreements.

Working from home can work really well, especially if you don’t really have any stock. But if you are an online retailer and you need space for stock, working from home can be very hard. Many small business owners will have families in the background crying to get their home back, because stock has taken over the garage, spare room and even the living room and kitchen in some cases. Having stock at home is also a security risk because criminals may observe the home and if they identify stock, which could make your family home a target.

So what is the solution?

Self Storage

Self storage is the convenient, straightforward answer to the problem. Renting a local storage unit is exactly what you have been looking for. Businesses already benefitting from self storage know that it provides a cheap, cost effective way to expand your business without growing pains.

The Advantages Of Self Storage For Small Businesses

It Is Flexible

Self storage is extremely flexible. You can negotiate short term or long term contracts but you aren’t usually tied into any contracts or arrangements. So you may only have to give one month’s notice before moving out of your unit. The service is completely flexible. So if you only need storage for a particular season, that isn’t a problem. Or if you need a bigger or smaller space, that can be arranged.

You Skip Rates

You do have to pay VAT (should the facility be registered) with a self storage unit but VAT registered businesses can claim this back. Otherwise there are no business rates to pay as you are renting a service and not a property, which when commercial, would be required to pay the usual business rates.

Your Stock Is Safe

Although a business premises will have some security, a self storage facility will have more. This is because they know they can often be a target for thieves, so they ramp up security. CCTV, alarms, gates, lighting, locks, checkpoints and 24 hour reception services all add to the extra security of a self storage facility, making your stock extra safe.

Convenient Access

You can get to your stock any time, so you can package orders, or collect or add stock as and when you need to. Some self storage units will even accept deliveries for you, so you don’t even have to be there to do business.

It Is Cost Effective And Affordable

Self storage is generally cost effective and affordable, especially when you compare it to the other space alternatives or options that you may have considered. You cannot compare business space with self storage space in terms of costs – self storage will be a cheaper option for you.

Look Into Affordable Self Storage For Your Business

If you are interested in the many benefits of affordable, quality and flexible self storage, look into it today, it could be exactly what your business needs to help it grow and succeed.