5 Ways In Which Your Home Could Really Benefit From Self Storage

Self storage is a great way for home owners to change the way they live, whether that is through increasing the space in their property or simply just removing the clutter and belongings that really are starting to cause issues in terms of living space.

If you live in a property that is crowded and cluttered through no fault of your own and simply by just owning too much, then self storage could well be the perfect solution for you, as not only can it free up space in your home but it is usually a much more affordable and cost effective way of managing space issues than having to move home or having an extension built.

Here are five reasons in which your home could really benefit from self storage.

Increase Home Space

A lack of space is reportedly one of the biggest causes of stress and arguments in the home, with more of us having to live in properties that are just too small, whether that is for financial reasons or a lack of bigger housing where we live, especially an issue in big our local cities like Bristol and Gloucester. Therefore, you can either live in conditions that are cramped and crowded, or you can make the cost effective investment and use self storage to store everything that you really just do not need at that moment in time. If you go with a relatively local storage company then you can simply dip in and dip out when you need to, at the same time making more space in your home and hopefully removing one reason or trigger for that daily argument or dreaded row.

Clear The Garage

Garages were once meant for cars, although these days they seem to be meant for storing everything that you just do not want in your main home, everything from old toys right the way through to the tools that might only get used once every so often. You can save your garage and get the car back in to it, or you can use it for something a bit more exciting by moving everything you do not need all the time into a storage unit and then just using it when and if you need to. More and more people hire a long term self storage unit these days to work as an extension of their own home, as not only is it cost effective, but it really can free up so much space that it does make sense for you and your family.

Empty Out The Loft

If you have a loft, the chances of it being empty are going to be small, as even if you are the most minimalist of people then you will often find your loft is still full of things that you rarely ever touch. The Christmas decorations that you only bring out once a year, the kids toys that you are keeping for when the grandchildren want to use them or the endless collection of items that one day, you will get round to car booting. Or, you may be using your loft to store really valuable items, which could potentially end up getting damaged if you use the loft a lot or it is not really 100% climate adjustable, as things like old paintings, clocks and other antiques are not meant for very hot or very cold environments. All of these aspects are perfect for a self storage unit, as you can store everything away until you have a need for it, and you could then even look at turning your loft into a bedroom, study or another room, increasing the size of your property and of course the value.

Seasonal Storage

Having a trampoline, loads of outdoor kids toys, garden furniture and a massive BBQ is great for the middle parts of the year when the sun is shining and we can actually enjoy being outside, but during the winter months when it is cold, dark, gloomy and damp, this is when all of this is at danger of getting damaged. Harsh winters, with their cold and wet days and nights really can cause major and long term damage to anything that is just left outside and is not overly weatherproof, so hiring a self storage unit where you store your outside equipment and toys could be just what the doctor ordered, as you can use it in the summer and store it in the winter, protecting and increasing the life span of your warmer weather outdoor belongings.

Find That Spare Room (Again)

Remember when you first moved into your three bedroom house, either before you had children or a load of belongings that seemed to take over your property? Do you remember when that bedroom was actually a bedroom and not just a room for all the things you might need, but in reality, rarely ever do? If the answer is yes and you have simply seen bedroom number 3 fill up over the past few years with everything you could imagine, then now could be the time that you hire a storage unit and recover your bedroom, as the extra space and the extra bed is not only going to be great for guests but you could potentially look at turning it into an office or study for some private time away from all of the stresses when you need to work or revise.